The Jungle School
Peten, Guatemala 
February 2018

Knowing where to start is the hardest part. This trip marks the second year that I have had the privilege to serve a great community of children, The latter being an understatement. Isolated in the Jungle in the northern part of Guatemala. A place where , what we consider, everyday commodities are luxuries. Kids from Pre-k to high school are given the opportunity of education, the latter being an even bigger understatement.
By the end of my trip I realized the kids had given me more than I had to offer. Important life lessons that are taken for granted. What is widely seen in the spirit and demeanor of people that live in poverty is a sense of gratefulness.  The jungle school provides a bowl of oatmeal, sometimes being the only meal a child will have the entire day...And yet many offered to share with me solely because they saw I did not have a bowl...The people with the least amount of wealth are the people that are the most generous.
The mission for me was to provide 400 students with their School headshots. I am happy to say that we were able to accomplish this goal. These headshots will help the school acquire sponsors for the students. What has been accomplished at this school is nothing short of a miracle and a blessing. But real world costs require funds from generous hearts.
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